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Three Ways To Use Your Decorative Holiday Ribbon (after the Gifts are Wrapped)


In North America, decorative satin and gosgrain ribbon probably gets used more during the winter holiday season than during any other time of the year. That makes sense, of course: although you might occasionally need to wrap a birthday present or a wedding present, more people are wrapping gifts for Christmas, collectively, than any other season.  But, you know, you don’t have to save decorative ribbon only for Christmas presents! You can find other ways to use this stuff during the holidays and throughout the year.


Gift giving (and gift getting) is not the only thing that people love about the winter holidays, of course. Decorating the house—and the tree—is also a fun pastime, particularly with families that have young children.  And one thing about holiday decorating that is a lot of fun—if not a little messy—is tinsel.

Well, an excellent alternative to the stretchy silver strands that you buy at the store that will make your tree look really frosty—like icicles—is to transform your gift wrapping grosgrain ribbons at FinerRibbon.com into a type of tinsel.  You can unravel or trim down these long strips into much smaller pieces and reassemble them around the tree.  It is a great way to make better use of your extra ribbon (and save yourself the trouble of trying to clean up all the tinsel that falls to the floor).


If you don’t like the skyrocketing prices of Christmas trees—or maybe you are looking for a more eco-friendly option—you can make your central holiday symbol out of your excess ribbon.  Sure, it might not be as large as a traditional tree but this version could be an excellent center piece for your kitchen table or your desk at the office.


The holly wreath is another big traditional decorative holiday symbol that you could make out of your excess Christmas gift wrapping ribbon. It could be a fun project for young children—who could then also give the wreath as a Christmas to grandma and grandpa. And, again, using your extra holiday ribbon to make your wreath instead of natural materials, there is less tree waste.  And since pre-made wreaths can be quite expensive, using your leftover materials can really save you some money too; and during the holidays, saving money is often pretty hard to come by.

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